Do not blame your parents for not working hard enough to give to birth you with silver spoon in your mouth because tomorrow you will be a parent and your children will in turn blame you for not giving birth to them with the desired silver spoon.


Apply for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards ($5,000 in Prizes)

The Spectacles Magazine

DEADLINE: January 9, 2014

Are you an amateur photographer or a photography enthusiast? If so, then this is the competition for you! The Open Competition offers 10 diverse categories for you to enter, ranging from Action to Travel. As a Basic Member, you can enter up to 3 photographs for free , submitted into one category or spread across multiple categories Photographers of all ages backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter this competition where great imagery is everything, and creativity is the key ingredient!

The Open Competition is open
to all members of the public.

For more information kindly visit World photo competition website

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The moment of truth.


The moment of truth.

The moment when suddenly everything you’ve dreamed of and worked for is within reach.

Until that moment, the idea of leaving seems so far away, surreal, impossible that the day itself will ever arrive.

It’s all just a dream, and dreaming is very comfortable and enjoyable, particularly when we aren’t obliged to follow through with our plans. There’s always someone else, something else, which gets in the way of us acting on them.

And that way, there are no risks, no frustrations, no difficulties, and certainly no thought that what we dream might actually become reality. Our dreams are dreams, and we don’t have to complicate our lives by having them come true. We can remain in our comfort box, looking out at what could be.

And so one day, when we’re old, looking back and telling the story, we can still look out, but this…

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Crackdown on freedom of expression: Ugandan Radio Talk show host detained, intimidated and freed

Rosebell's Blog

Ugandan journalists and activists working outside Kampala face some of the worst threats and sometimes these threats go unreported. If the stories are reported, they generally don’t receive the same hype as the arrests or mistreatment of those that are Kampala based.

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) working with security operatives have been at the center of threating freedom of expression of Ugandans upcountry. Every now and then a talk show host is threatened or kicked out of job for opinions that are everyday broadcast on stations held in the capital.

Opposition candidates are finely denied airtime to articulate their side of politics on radio stations outside the city. Most Ugandans upcountry whom the current government largely depend on radio. This makes the job of a radio journalist riskier.

On May 08, a Radio Political Talk show host James Kasirivu of the popular “World Express” program on Mbarara based Endigito Radio…

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